The D'SORO Vision:

Fred Bamfo founded D’SORO on the desire to find buyers for luxury name brand products that would otherwise be destroyed by the luxury brand manufacturer. This creates waste in the supply chain and negatively impacts the environment. Fred believes that making high quality luxury goods more affordable to the average person will help to establish a longer life cycle for luxury goods and reduce the impact of fast fashion, exploitive third-world labour practices, and disposable clothing on the environment.

12 Reasons to Buy From D'SORO:

  1. We sell authentic luxury for up to 75% less.
  2. We are a trusted source for high quality, luxury merchandise.
  3. Each item is new and includes manufacturer documentation as to its authenticity.
  4. We constantly “shop” the market to ensure that you are getting a competitive price.
  5. We offer a money back satisfaction guarantee (to support what we say).
  6. We ship products within 24 hours of order placement. Products are delivered within 48-72 hours of shipping.
  7. We curate our best products to make them easier to find.
  8. We let you know of new merchandise on a daily basis.
  9. We have an extensive filtering search system that allows you to find exactly what you are looking for in a quick and convenient manner (we must increase search criteria to support this functionality).
  10. We can match new merchandise arrivals to your search requirements and let you know when a match is determined (future capability).
  11. We maintain a real-time database of inventory so you only see what is in stock and available to purchase.
  12. We only use trusted distributors of luxury, authentic, name brand merchandise.

We are a unique certified and authorized multi-brand online retail store with over 50 brand names and other quality products sourced from US and Europe.  We have established a great agreement with our suppliers to extend their wholesale prices discounted up to 50% - 70% off to be passed on to our customers. We also understand customers want fast delivery and so we have 1- 5 business days standard shipping for domestic markets (North America) and 5-10 days worldwide (International). So, hurry and take advantage of these great prices while we have inventory. Sign up to get advance offers on more incredible deals for our email subscribers.  Shop for your favourite Women/Men Fashion & Accessories including Jewelries.