The Scene

As we become more socially conscious in our ways and means of influencing and protecting the environment, fashion sustainability has now become a real issue for all of us to tackle. Fast fashion, (the idea of buying inexpensive disposable clothing & accessories with lifespan of weeks or single use) has created a problem of excess waste that’s filling up our landfills, putting people’s lives at risk through abusive labour practises in third world countries, and damaging our environment.  Our current disposable fashion lifestyle has become a huge negative impact on the environment, and if we don't take action, we will be harming the less fortunate in the third world countries and the environment.

The Problem

Products that are generally associated with higher quality of workmanship and material have traditionally been expensive and out of reach for the younger generation. As a result, these products are unaffordable for many of the younger generation.  Many manufacturers looked at this as an opportunity to flood the market with inexpensive fashion & accessories with lower quality workmanship and material (Fast Fashion). I believe many of the younger generation are having to adopt to this inexpensive disposable fast fashion lifestyle. They want to do the right thing for the environment but have not been presented with real alternatives for fast fashion. We are currently polluting our environment at an incredible rate with these disposable used garments in our landfills. I believe people want to buy fashion and accessories they love and appreciate them for months and years of use. The special feeling one gets when you have an apparel that you cherish for its looks, quality and workmanship.

The Challenge

I founded D’SORO (dsoro.com) on the desire to find buyers for luxury name brand products that would otherwise be destroyed or not made available by the luxury brand manufacturers. This creates waste in the supply chain and negatively impacts the environment. I believe that making high quality luxury goods more affordable to the average person will help to establish a longer life cycle for luxury goods and reduce the impact of fast fashion, exploitive third-world labour practices, and disposable clothing on the environment

There is clearly also a need and desire for the younger generation like the Millennials and Gen Z and X to acquire luxury fashion & accessories but cannot meet their retail prices.  There has been a push for pre-owned and consignments products in the marketplace which indicates the desirability of new buyers to come into the market.  

I launched D'SORO to primarily address this market and "why buy used" when you can get "brand new". I primarily focus on "Last Seasons Collections" and "End of Line" luxury merchandise to bring value to these buyers and the enjoyment of having their very own brand-new luxury designer piece.

D'SORO Luxury Fashion Brands

The Solution

I developed and launched D’SORO as a business to bring new, authentic, luxury brand merchandise with savings of up to 75% off. We will always be competitive on price for new and authentic merchandise. We can do this because we compare prices for you, and we buy end-of-line or closeout brand merchandise (available in limited quantities and selection) directly from authorized European luxury brand distributors. Our website is designed in a way so that you can find exactly what you are looking for… quickly and conveniently.

  1. We sell authentic luxury for up to 75% less.
  2. We are a trusted source for high quality, luxury merchandise.
  3. Each item is new and includes manufacturer documentation as to its authenticity.
  4. We constantly “shop” the market to ensure that you are getting a competitive price.
  5. We offer a money back satisfaction guarantee (to support what we say).
  6. We ship products within 24 hours of order placement. Products are delivered within 48-72 hours of shipping.
  7. We curate our best products to make them easier to find.
  8. We let you know of new merchandise on a daily basis.
  9. We have an extensive filtering search system that allows you to find exactly what you are looking for in a quick and convenient manner (we must increase search criteria to support this functionality).
  10. We can match new merchandise arrivals to your search requirements and let you know when a match is determined (future capability).
  11. We maintain a real-time database of inventory, so you only see what is in stock and available to purchase.
  12. We only use trusted distributors of luxury, authentic, name brand merchandise.

D'SORO is a fashion destination for authentic luxury for Less. We sell new "end-of-line" and "last-seasons" collections in a trusted & convenient manner. Find it first on D'SORO is our world class e-commerce capability to access thousands of luxury brands & styles at a great discount. 

The Vision

D’SORO is striving to be one of the best luxury fashion apparel multi-brands online e-commerce marketplace in the world. We bring a unique value proposition to our customers by curating some of the best close-out stores and last season transition merchandise from over 50 well known top fashion and accessories designers in the world. Given our love for fashion, knowledge, and experience in the luxury goods market, we're able to source products at wholesale levels and pass on the savings directly to our customers. We also provide free shipping worldwide along with the best customer service by paying close attention to our customer's needs, including tracking our products in transit to ensure uninterrupted delivery. Our customer service team can be reached on our toll-free line and email for any question, concerns or recommendations surrounding their purchasing experience. 

I want D’SORO to become household brand name that helped address the fashion sustainability issue. I am working with various distributors/suppliers, presenting my business model and site as another means to encourage luxury manufacturers to continue to explore innovative solutions for fashion sustainability. While we work together to support the environment, give the younger generation an affordable means to own luxury fashion & accessories pieces, with high-end material, great quality and workmanship.

The Products

We source first choice (Grade A) clothing and accessories, mostly from the previous year collection. All products are brand new, delivered in the original packaging, including hang-tags, labels, and barcodes. Stocks are 100% genuine.

Fred Bamfo | Founder